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Filmmaker Iva Radivojevic

Filmmaker Iva Radivojevic joins Hive host Farnaz Fatemi in this episode of Poetry in the World to talk about how poems—their visions, the process of making them, the poets who write them—are integral to her art. This episode is a meal full of poems, prompts, artistic vision. Sink your teeth in!

Gail Newman

Sunday, February 23rd at 8:00 pm on KSQD 90.07 fm, Julie Murphy interviews San Francisco poet Gail Newman about her award winning book Blood Memory. Gail, a daughter of Polish Holocaust survivors, talks about her poetry, memory, and faith. If you miss it, check back here on Tudsday for a link to our podcast— honey in your pocket.

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Ploi Pirapokin Lands in the Hive

In case you missed this fantastic episode! On December 22, 2019 our feature was a lively and thoughtful interview with writer Ploi Pirapokin about poetry in her world–how it influences her prose, her teaching, and her days. She talks to Farnaz about emotional turns, point of view, images and more, and reads from some of her favorite poems. Listen HERE.

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David LeCount: Haiku in the Redwoods

Lisa Allen Ortiz travels to La Honda to talk to David LeCount about his 45 year haiku habit, living with nature and how he met his teacher, James Hackett. Ortiz also presses the mute button for the second half of the field interview— ah, but the episode is saved by Farnaz Fatemi who comes by the hive to read haiku by Hackett and LeCount. All are delighted and amazed by such being that haiku inspires. Listen to 90.7 KAZU at 8pm on Sunday, February 9th or visit here on Tuesday to get the podcast.

Haiku poet David LeCount in his habitat. Dog, Shasta, attending.

captured firefly—

a child’s fingers

hatch the moon

David LeCount, 1989 winner of the japanese Haiku Society Grand Prize