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Erin Redfern talks with Kelly Cressio-Moeller 

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Join Erin Redfern as she talks with Kelly Cressio-Moeller about Kelly’s first book, Shade of Blue Trees (Two Sylvias, 2021; Wilder Prize finalist). Enjoy the lush images of Kelly’s poems and hear thoughts on grief and the poem as portent, train rides in Germany and her approach to form, painting and music as creative spurs, and heeding what in us “is making the most noise” to get our creative attention.

S4: E2: Victoria Bañales talks with Olga Rosales Salinas

Rosales Sisters’ Scholarship: & @rosalessistersscholarship (instagram), @RosalesSistersScholarship (facebook)

Olga Rosales Salinas: & @olgarosalessalinas (both insta/facebook) @olgitarosales (twitter)

Last show of 2021

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Hosted by Julia Chiapella, Hive members share poems to focus our collective consciousness on imagining a new world. From Yeats to Jessica Jacobs to Roger Reeves. Julia is joined by guests Julie Murphy and Farnaz Fatemi.

Poems from the episode: 

Yeats The Second Coming

Marie Howe What The Silence Said

Sharon Olds A Song Near the End of the World 

Roger Reeves For Black Children at the End of the World—and the Beginning

Jessica Jacobs: In the Village of My Body,

Two People appeared in Copper Nickel, Issue 33

Ellen Bass How to Apologize

Jim Harrison Bridge

S3:E38   Julie Murphy talks with Jessica Jacobs

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Julie Murphy  talks with Jessica Jacobs about solitude, revelation and inspiration. Jessica read and discusses Ellen Bass’ s poem “God and the G-Spot” as well as poems from each of her books, including her forthcoming collection of poems in conversation with the Book of Genesis. She also shares all the goings-on with SunJune Literary Collaborative. Click here if you are interested in joining the free SunJune generative writing sessions she hosts with her wife, poet Nickole Brown

S3: E35: Victoria Bañales interviews poet Violeta Orozco

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Victoria Bañales interviews poet Violeta Orozco, who discusses and reads from her forthcoming book, The Broken Woman Diaries. Violeta’s poems are a bold exploration of love, loss, displacement, and dismemberment, and the ways in which broken bodies can be healed and stitched back together.  

Violeta Orozco is a bilingual author and spoken word artist from Mexico City. The Broken Woman Diaries is her third book and debut full-length poetry collection in English.

Violeta Orozco:

Instagram: @vletra


S3: E 33 Jessica Cohn and Nancy Miller Gomez join host Farnaz Fatemi

In this week’s episode, Jessica Cohn and Nancy Miller Gomez join host Farnaz Fatemi in the Hive to read new work and talk about their poetry lives. We hear about the extraordinary Santa Cruz poetry community, and about finding joy during the pandemic, facing self-doubt. Above all, we hear some fantastic poems. 

(In individual segments: Jessica Cohn, part 1 and Nancy Miller Gomez part 2.)–with-host-Farnaz-Fatemi-e19mgqt