Hive Poetry Collective


To bring a diverse community together in appreciation of all kinds of poetry by all kinds of people.

The Hive Poetry Collective is a group of Santa Cruz poets creating a weekly radio show and live poetry events featuring a diverse roster of poets. šŸ“

The Hive radio show is broadcast on KSQD, 90.7 FM Community Radio in Santa Cruz on Sunday nights from 8pm-9pm. šŸŽ™ļø

All episodes are available to stream through, and wherever you get your podcasts. šŸ

Recent Episodes

S5: E15 Vincent Rendoni chats with Dion O’Reilly

Listen to the episode here!Vincent RendoniĀ andĀ DionĀ O’ReillyĀ engage in a wide-ranging discussion of life and poetry. He reads Monica Rico’sĀ  “Poem in Consideration of My Death”Ā from an anthology that, due to its representation of Latino life, influenced Vincent’s decision to be a poet,Ā The BreakBeat Poets Vol. 4, LatinNext.Ā Vincent Antonio Rendoni is the author of A Grito Contestā€¦

S5: E14 Lisa Ortiz talks about her latest book Stem with Farnaz Fatemi

Listen to the episode here! One of the original Hive members, Lisa Allen Ortiz, joins us to talk about her Idaho Prize-winning poetry collection, STEM, a book which asks, among other questions, “where in the body does aliveness reside?” Our conversation plumbs more of these easy-to-answer inquiries. Lisa is the author of two poetry collections:Ā Stem,ā€¦

S5:E13 Barbara Bloom talks with Geneffa Jahan

Listen to the episode here! Barbara Bloom, who recently relocated to Bellingham, Washington, shares poems about the deep connection she finds in nature, especially in Santa Cruz, where she lived for over 30 years. Barbara studied poetry with Santa Cruz poets, Joe Stroud and Morton Marcus and taught in the English Department of Cabrillo Collegeā€¦

S5:E12 Jennifer Franklin hosted by Farnaz Fatemi

Listen to the episode here! Farnaz talked with Jennifer Franklin, whose third book, If Some God Shakes Your House, has just been published by Four Way Books in March 2023.  We discuss If Some God Shakes Your House, in which Franklin has ā€œreimagined Antigone for our times–where filial devotion and ossified roles of gendered labor become the engine of her defiance.ā€ā€¦


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S5:E11 Denise Duhamel chats with Dion O’Reilly

Listen to the episode HERE! Denise Duhamel and Dion O’Reilly chat permission, politics, and poetry in this lively wide-ranging discussion.  Denise Duhamelā€™s most recent books of poetry are Second Story  (Pittsburgh, 2021) and Scald (2017). Blowout (2013) was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. A proponent of collaboration, she and Maureen Seaton have co-authored five collections, the most recent of which is CAPRICE (Collaborations: Collected,Uncollected, andā€¦

S5:E10Ā TseringĀ Wangmo Dhompa chats with Julie Murphy

Listen to the episode here! Tsering Wangmo Dhompa is the first Tibetan woman to publish poetry in English. She joins Julie Murphy to read new and favorite poems, as well as the poem When It Rains In Dharmashala by Tenzin Tsundue. They talk about exile, impermanence, and how poems take us from image to mystery. Tsering Wangmo Dhompa is theā€¦

S5:E9 Caridad Moro-Gronlier Talks with Julia Chiapella

Listen to the episode here!Listen as Caridad reads poems from her book Tortillera, a work in three parts addressing the journey of a woman claiming her own voice. We talk about desire, the Cuban-American experience, coming out, artist Ana Mendientaā€¦among other things. Tune in! ā€¢ Caridad’s website is here.ā€¢ You can purchase both the softā€¦

S5:E8 Gregory Orr Chats with Dion O’Reilly (2)

Listen to the episode here!Gregory Orr buzzes back into the Hive to talk with Dion O’Reilly about his newest book, Selected Books of the Beloved. We talk about John Keats’s “Lines Supposed to Be Addressed to Fanny Braun,” the difference between epic and lyric poetry, and the dangers of the false Beloved.  Gregory Orr wasā€¦


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