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Poetry in the World & on the Hive

The Hive premieres a new segment, hosted by Farnaz Fatemi, called Poetry in the World. Farnaz talks with the multi-disclipinary artist, Christian Berman, about why writing poetry matters and how it informs his art practice (image courtesy Christian Berman). Dion O’Reilly talks about Who and What she is reading. Also includes the local poetry calendar for June. 

Find more about Christian at and @cruizberman 

Events mentioned on our poetry calendar: Ocean Vuong and sam sax:

Word Church for June:

Porter Gulch Poets Buzz in for Hive’s May 12th Episode

Celebrate the 2019 issue of Porter Gulch Review with editor David Allen Sullivan and a panel of this year’s contributors, Victoria Bañales , Jennifer Lagier, Travis DeYoung, Kate Avraham, and Robin White Turtle Lysne as they read poems from the issue and discuss the contexts and sources of their writing projects. Be sure to join poets and editors for the issue launch of this year’s Porter Gulch Review at the Horticulture Center at Cabrillo College on May 18th. Lisa Allen Ortiz hosts.

May 5th Hive Interview: Laurence White

Farnaz Fatemi and Dion O’Reilly interview local Santa Cruz poet and songwriter, Laurence White. We hear Laurence read and sing and talk further about both. Episode also includes a segment from The Hive called “Who Are We Reading?”

Click RIGHT HERE to hear the podcast or search on Spotify, iTunes, or any of your podcast platforms:


Laurence White pic

Follow Laurence at @caravaggioboy

Listen to Laurence’s music:

More info on Word Church can be found here

Farnaz mentioned a movie which takes place at Transylvania U in Kentucky. It is American Animals.

In the “Who Are We Reading” segment:

Dion read from Ploughshares; she also mentioned New Ohio Review and New England ReviewFarnaz read from Halal If You Hear Me: Breakbeat Poets vol 3, newly released.

Santa Cruz Poetry Calendar:

Monday, May 6 @ Word Church: Billy Butler, Featured Poet

Thursday, May 9 @ Peace United: Brenda Shaughnessy and Ellen Bass


April 14th 2019 show: Farnaz Fatemi and Dion O’Reilly interview Christopher Soriano.


As part of our Community Outreach Series, we meet Watsonville-based poet, writer, and teacher Christopher Soriano who speaks to us about his life and work. Find him on Instagram and Twitter @chsoripalma and at