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What We’re Reading Now

Three hive members buzz about poems and poets they’ve been reading, and what to make of it all. Tune in to hear a poem by our new U.S. Poet Laureate, Joy Harjo, from the most recent Pulitzer winner, Forrest Gander, and more. 

Ah, an Autumnal Hive

October 6, 2019— Jump into the crispy leaf pile with host Farnaz Fatemi. Highlights include Farnaz reading seasonally-appropriate poems to help soften the blow of the leap into fall; an interview with Andrew Sivak of newcomer Bad Animal Books in Santa Cruz about their visions for poetry and poetry-related events at the store; Dion O’Reilly on the poet Edgar Kunz, and a full cornucopia of the local poetry calendar to make note of.

Some Autumn Poems:

Didi Jackson

Emily Jungmin Moon

Emily Dickinson

 Bad Animal Books

Edgar Kunz, Tap Out

Raja Feather Kelly— Poetry in the World & Prosetry

In case you missed this amazing August 25th episode, catch it here— features a buzzy and so-inspiring conversation between Farnaz Fatemi and the choreographer and dancer Raja Feather Kelly in which they discuss the intersection of poetry, art, dance and Raja’s life— and how so much of it all depends on Anne Sexton’s poem “Flee on the Donkey.” This episode also includes a Prosetry segment in which Lisa Allen Ortiz reads Charles Simic. It’s one of our favorite episodes! Check it out!

Sam Roxas-Chua 姚

Sam touches down at the Hive to talk with Lisa Allen Ortiz about his book Saying Your Name Three Times Underwater, asemic writing, alligator crabs, poems that write poets and other secret things. 

Learn more about Sam and his work here:

And here’s a link about the parasite-infected-dancing snails. It’s kind of disturbing.