S4:E8 Sally Ashton Chats with Dion O’Reilly

Listen HERE

Sally Ashton chats with Dion O’Reilly about prose poetry. Sally Ashton is a writer, teacher, and editor in chief of DMQ Review, an online journal of poetry and art. Publishing in three genres, she’s the author of 4 books including her latest The Behaviour of Clocks, WordFarm. She won first prize in the international Fish Flash Fiction contest and work appears inProse Poetry: An Introduction, and in A Cast-Iron Aeroplane That Actually Flies: Commentaries from 80 American Poets on their Prose Poems. She taught at SJSU for ten years in the undergraduate creative writing and composition programs and continues to teach workshops locally, Zoom and in person. Specializing in brief forms across genres and collaborations with artists, she has also taught multi-genre workshops at Disquiet International Literary Program in Lisbon.

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