S3: E22 Victoria Bañales chats with Adela Najarro

Listen HERE:

Victoria Bañales interviews Santa Cruz-based Latinx poet Adela Najarro.

Adela Najarro:  www.adelanajarro.com

Círculo de poetas & Writers: Sign up for Círculo’s 2021 online (Zoom) conference: Sat, August 14th, 10:30 am – 3:00 pm. Writing workshops, friendship, and open mic. Go to https://circulowriters.com/ to register.
Adela Najarro is the author of three poetry collections: Split Geography, Twice Told Over and My Childrens, a chapbook that includes teaching resources. With My Childrens she hopes to bring poetry into the classroom so that students can explore creative writing, identity, and what it means to be Latinx in US society. Every spring semester, she teaches a “Poetry for the People,” workshop at Cabrillo College where students explore personal voice and social justice through poetry and spoken word.

More information about Adela can be found at her website: www.adelanajarro.com.

Links to videos of five poems from My Childrens:

My Childrens

Lorca’s Rain

Las Mujeres

Chicanos in a Museum

An Ambiguity

Santa Cruz-based Latinx poet Adela Najarro.

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