May 5th Hive Interview: Laurence White

Farnaz Fatemi and Dion O’Reilly interview local Santa Cruz poet and songwriter, Laurence White. We hear Laurence read and sing and talk further about both. Episode also includes a segment from The Hive called “Who Are We Reading?”

Click RIGHT HERE to hear the podcast or search on Spotify, iTunes, or any of your podcast platforms:


Laurence White pic

Follow Laurence at @caravaggioboy

Listen to Laurence’s music:

More info on Word Church can be found here

Farnaz mentioned a movie which takes place at Transylvania U in Kentucky. It is American Animals.

In the “Who Are We Reading” segment:

Dion read from Ploughshares; she also mentioned New Ohio Review and New England ReviewFarnaz read from Halal If You Hear Me: Breakbeat Poets vol 3, newly released.

Santa Cruz Poetry Calendar:

Monday, May 6 @ Word Church: Billy Butler, Featured Poet

Thursday, May 9 @ Peace United: Brenda Shaughnessy and Ellen Bass


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